Denny and Steve met by chance in a rehearsal room built to hold 3 people.  There were 7 players in the room that night so it was inevitable that we would all become closer acquaintances.


Impressed with Denny’s height, Steve invited him to his studio to work on original material.  Weeks later, they had a song.  Now, the search began for a band to play the song.20170723_134311

Steve and Amy had been playing together for a few years.  They met when Steve played with the ‘Hats’, a local Southern Rock band.  She was 3rd tamborine player.  Wanting more than an occasional shake during ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, Amy took up the bass.  Her time with the Hats paid off and soon she was singing and playing with Steve.  Denny and Steve had found their bass player.

Randolph Star 8

The complexities of a Randolph Star song call for a drummer that knows odd times, dynamics, complex arrangements and can operate a desk bell.  Denny, Steve and Amy were able to convince Dave, a stranger they met in a remote VFW while lost (Steve was driving), to fill in.

Dave 1

The magic formula is complete.